The Indigo Vat 

A Magical Indigo Dye Workshop

"The botanical name for the indigo plant, Indigofera, derives its name from indigo meaning blue and fera meaning to bear

Indigo has monumental character. It is known to have survived for thousands of years without revealing or even hinting at the secrets it held, forcing ancient dyers to coax color from the plant. Indigo demanded discipline and organization from the men working with it since man's nature was in no way related to the temperamental behavior of this contrary colorant. Yet indigo, because of its very demanding and troublesome demeanor, attracted one toward it in charismatic fascination."

                                          -excerpted from 'Blue Traditions,'  Dena S. Katzenberg, The Baltimore museum of Art                                                                                                                     


Join us for an alchemical transformation process as we ready a vat of luscious indigo dye. Through a process of twisting, tyeing and resisting, we will turn white cloth into the dizzying blue patterns of your choice. Students can bring their own cloth or garments on which to work. In addition, we will provide yardage for experimentation.  Cloth dyed in this Indigo workshop makes a perfect foundation on which to stitch or quilt.

Date: TBA
Time: 1pm - 5pm
Location: TATTER Blue Library, 505 Carroll Street Suite 2B, Brooklyn NY 11215
Cost: $120
What to bring: All materials are provided in this course. Students are welcome to bring their own garments to dye or over-dye.