Greetings Knitting Community!

Join us in: The Barbara Walker Knitting Project

In the late 1960’s Barbara Walker, a journalist and author of many non-knitting related books, compiled and published one of the first knitting stitch dictionaries. Comprised of hundreds of patterns - some with historical references - Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns remains one of the most comprehensive, pioneering and iconic how-to bibles of knitting. Walker went on to publish three more treasuries.

Generations of artists and designers continue to credit Walker with the inspiration for their own creations.

Part homage, part community, and part educational, BLUE: TATTER Textile Library has embarked on the community-sourced crusade of knitting a BLUE version of Walker’s first treasury. Knitters worldwide, after receiving a specific pattern, are mailing us their knitted swatches, along with biographical information, to be included in first a traveling exhibition, and then ultimately as an artist’s book in the BLUE permanent collection.


Would you, or someone you know, like to join our community and contribute a knitted swatch?

Email us at to take part in the project!