Sashiko on Denim

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Sashiko on Denim

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We love a modern application of a traditional technique, and what better way to make sashiko contemporary than to embellish your favorite jeans  with some sashiko stitching! 

Join sashiko stitching expert Atsushi Futatsuya, a third-generation sashiko stitcher, as he educates us on the history of the traditional sashiko running stitching, used to quilt, mend or simply beautify a piece of woven cloth.

Students will bring their own denim, mark out a pattern, and embroider using the traditional Sashiko stitching techniques. Students will leave with a wonderful project to continue on their own time.  

Please note, this is an Intermediate Level Class* 

*Because working with denim is a more complex technique, Atsushi requests that all Sashiko on Denim students have taken his Traditional Sashiko stitching course. Students are welcome to take the morning session Traditional Sashiko class before Sashiko on Denim for a full, immersive day of stitching.  

Saturday, September 29th, 2018
Time: 2- 5:30pm
Location: TATTER Blue Library, 505 Carroll Street Suite 2B, Brooklyn NY 11215
Cost: $140
What to bring: Threads, needles, and design materials are provided in this course. Students are asked to bring a denim garment on which to stitch. Lighter weight denim will be an easier fabric to work with. Students will have the opportunity to purchase additional sashiko supplies on site. 

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