Pattern Making


Pattern Making


This course will explore the basics of flat patternmaking - the tools, features, and best practices for creating pattern pieces from an existing, favorite garment, for the purposes of recreating it.

Several options for taking a ‘rub-off’ will be discussed. Once the basic shapes are traced onto paper, the outlines will be transformed  into useful, working patterns.

No previous pattern making or sewing experience is necessary. Please note that we will not be sewing the new garments during this class. However, basic guidance will be offered regarding construction options, so that students will leave empowered to begin creating the clothes of their dreams.

Class I: Saturday November 9
Class II: Saturday November 16
Class III: Saturday November 23
Time:  10am - 1pm
Location: TATTER Blue Library, 505 Carroll Street Suite 2B, Brooklyn NY 11215
Cost: $300 (Class Package - 3 Sessions)*
What To Bring: All materials are provided in this course. We suggest however, bringing a relatively simple, but sentimental garment from which you would like to work.

*Special Note: Students are required to take all three sessions of Pattern Making; (Classes I- III) to get an in depth understanding of the practice. Please keep this in mind when signing up!

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