The mission of TATTER is to promote the consciousness of cloth by considering, and celebrating cloth's intrinsic and essential relationship in human life - through portals that include but are not limited to: art, shelter, comfort, science, commerce, and culture.

At TATTER, we like to tell you stories. In ours, cloth is the hero — educating us, reminding us of our origin, connecting us to our past and to each other. Cloth is an endless source. While most of us never give it much thought, the truth is, cloth surrounds us all the time. We live our lives in the cloth-scape, steeped in material culture.

Cloth is what we get married in, sleep on, and hold as we pray. It’s how we clean our homes, decorate our bodies, and bundle up our babes. We express ourselves not just in the shapes, colors and textures we live with and wear, but how we style and arrange them all around us. No matter where you come from, cloth has the power to connect us.

You’ll find here at TATTER, a gathering of material culture. We explore of the stories in fabric, within its primary structures and fibers. What can they tell us? What cultures do they preserve? What resources and skills brought them to life? What can that teach us and inspire us to do? We also like to zoom out, follow the trends and see where this cloth conversation takes us. 

So take a minute, fondle your t-shirt, enjoy the artistry within it, and imagine the people it connects you to. And while you’re here, play around with our site. Pull a thread and see where it takes you. Jump into our world of cloth, and the layers of stories within.