Icelandic Net Bags 

The making of nets, has a long and storied history throughout all cultures which depended upon fishing for survival. Variations of knots and loops also serve as a foundational fabric for lace and other cloth. Learning to net connects us deeply to a simple innovation which had enormous and profound impact on human history.

Learn to make a net bag suitable for wine or water bottles, or perhaps to tote groceries and clothing in this extended and lively Sunday workshop.  You’ll learn to tie several versatile knots as well as the netting-knot.  We'll cover a short history of net-making practices and nets throughout history and fine art, and construct a reusable net bag from start to finish.  Instructor Sarah Pedlow learned the netting knot from an Icelandic net-maker and fisherman while in Iceland on an artist's residency in 2016.

Date: Sunday, April 8th, 2018
Time: 11am - 5pm (5 hrs) 
Location: TATTER Blue Library, 505 Carroll Street Suite 2B, Brooklyn NY 11215
Cost: $110
What To Bring: Please bring your lunch, a pen or pencil, and a notebook or sketchbook to take notes.
All materials are provided in this course

Our Teacher: 


Sarah Pedlow, artist and founder of ThreadWritten Textiles

Sarah Pedlow is interested in traditional embroidery, cultural preservation, and creating a global community of makers connected via cultural heritage skills. From 2012 - 2015 she researched Hungarian Kalotaszeg written embroidery in Transylvania, Romania and made products with women artisans.

Through many trips to Hungary and Romania her love of embroidery grew, prompting travel for artist residencies in Iceland, Mexico, and this summer, The Netherlands and Ukraine.  Sarah teaches workshops and lectures in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the country.  She holds a BA in Studio Art and French Studies from Scripps College, Claremont, CA and an MFA in Visual Arts from Rutgers University. / IG @threadwritten